internet marketing plans

Serious about online success?

Kayak works with you to deploy online offers, track and engage website visitors, and nurture your leads via strategic online marketing activities.

Implement a proven system for increasing leads over the Internet.


A Disciplined Approach to Web

Designed for businesses serious about maximizing the power of their online marketing efforts. Choose from three deployment plans – Basic, Advanced and Pro – or work with us to create a custom online strategy to meet your needs.


Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.
- Thomas Alva Edison


Deploy Coordinated Marketing Events

Kayak creates web-based marketing events designed to help you attract and capture leads. Extend the life of a traditional campaign, promote an offer, boost customer engagement or grow your brand.


Build Search Strength (SEO)

Leverage Kayak's knowledge of high-quality link submissions, on-page optimization, meta descriptions, relevant keyword integration and much more.


Monitor and Refine Keywords

Discover long-tail keyword (phrases); reveal low-ranking opportunities and investigate alternatives. We'll score keyword ranking difficulty against recent search volume to reveal new opportunities for your site so you can get found organically, and integrate longtail keywords towards improved rankings.


Gain Competitor Intelligence

Our experts scan, score and thoroughly scour your competitors' keywords, search rankings and external links for weaknesses and provide you with the intel. Want to get serious? Expose and act on your competitors' less than ethical seo strategies.


Schedule Social Media Seeding

Open the lead generation floodgates by applying real world networking and publishing strategies to the enormous networks available online. Let us do the heavy lifting in social media for you.


Measure Analytics

Never be tentative to try something new again. With accurate traffic and sources analytics you're able to track how every page, every button, and every offer is doing. Refine your messages for what works.

Let's talk about deployment plans, marketing events and retainer services.